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Our mission is to take viscosity measurement from the lab to the places it’s needed most – on the line, in the field, at the site. And where the lab is still a feature, to radically alter the way fluids are tested and transform the throughput speed.

This manifesto is the basis of our range of products. A viscometer for every application, in any fluid and any location. Easy to set up and simple to use. Viscosity for everyone.

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The XL Series is our core range of instruments, used by those who depend on getting viscosity right.
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The Universal Viscometer

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Closer Than You Think

It’s the hugely powerful viscometer behind materials and things you see around you. In your office, at home or outside. Hydramotion might be closer than you think.

Controlling viscosity in the process is crucial to the manufacture of so many products. From the flooring you walk on to everyday food and drink, the XL7 is there. Around the world XL7 viscometers work continuously day and night providing product confidence to industry.

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Lab Series

Speed, durability and incredible sensitivity are signature features of the unique ReactaVisc and goVisc viscometer families. Whether it is a reaction vessel or a test-tube, these are the perfect tools for precision viscosity in all settings from research to production.

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Discover the viscolite - our portable viscometer

The Truly Portable Viscometer

A genuinely light and portable instrument, with the trademark Hydramotion accuracy and reliability. The Viscolite works in any volume of fluid – just dip and read. It’s also incredibly robust so you can even stir the fluid with it whilst taking a viscosity reading!

With its long battery life and carrying case it is the perfect solution to viscosity measurement on the move, either in the field, the factory or lab.

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