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Designed For Heat

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10,000 PSI

Cool Heads.  Hot Toes.

Continuously measuring viscosity at high temperature requires a special breed of viscometer. The XL7-HT2 model is capable of direct process viscosity measurement at over 400°C (752°F) without the need for cooling jackets or ancillary pipework.

We like to let the sensor get hot

Nothing affects viscosity like temperature, so the measurement must take place at the true fluid temperature. Even when that fluid is very hot.

Try and cool the sensor and you’ll cool the fluid, leading to large errors.

Thermal Harmony

The thermally efficient design of the XL7-HT allows the sensor to take the full heat of the process whilst at the same time the electronics are kept comfortably cool.

There is no forced heat management. And because the sensing part of instrument sits at exactly the same temperature as the fluid it is in thermal harmony and has no influence on its viscosity.

The result is unparalleled accuracy even at the highest process temperatures.

Designed for Heat

Through careful choice of materials and specially developed manufacturing techniques, Hydramotion high temperature viscometers can tolerate continuous use at extreme temperatures and still maintain all the benefits of their ‘cooler’ counterparts.

There is no sacrifice of performance, even in the most demanding applications, and the same simplicity of installation and operation can be found in every model.


All standard XL7 viscometers are available as high temperature HT models. This also includes all intrinsically safe versions for use in (Ex) hazardous areas.

And should there be anything unusual our Special Ops division is able to provide a custom solution, so it fits your installation perfectly, and strengthens your competitive edge.

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