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VP750 bench top viscosity processor


VP750 is a strikingly robust bench processor machined from a solid alloy block. With a full suite of analogue and digital outputs including USB it is the perfect partner for Hydramotion viscometers and has everything required to form the hub of any viscosity measurement system.

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The VP550 Processor provides all the functions needed to get the best out of your in-line viscometer.

A powerful interface unit linking the viscometer to the operator, it provides critical viscosity data on a high visibility display at the touch of a button. A full range of analogue and digital I/O gives the VP550 excellent connectivity for process control, monitoring and system integration.

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VP550 viscosity processor unit
VP250 viscosity terminal block


A compact, rail-mounted terminal block for location within the plant wiring e.g. junction box or back of panel.

A small backlit display allows for occasional access to viscosity data and adjustment of any configurable parameters.

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