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Viscosity Processor

Machined from a solid alloy block the VP750 is a strikingly robust bench processor and a multifunction partner for Hydramotion viscometers.

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VP750 viscosity processor with display

  • Easy viscosity data access
  • Elegant and extremely robust
  • Choice of display formats
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Wide selection of digital and analogue I/O
  • Simple viscometer connection

Factory or Lab
Connect with Viscolink

A Viscosity Hub

The VP750 Processor is smart. It connects to Hydramotion viscometers through a simple cable and provides all the displays, inputs and outputs needed to form the hub of any viscosity measurement system.

The single jog button is a unique feature and enables fast access to all measured variables as well as menus for any special configuration needs and diagnostics.

VP750 click wheel
VP750 from rear with connectivity options


The VP750’s USB port allows it to connect directly with any PC, laptop or tablet running Hydramotion’s ViscoLink software. This provides access to all VP data and an integrated data logging facility.

A complete array of analogue inputs (3) and 4-20mA outputs (3), digital contacts (2) and RS485 data link extends options for connection with other equipment for viscosity monitoring and control.