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Intuitive Control
at your fingertips

In-line Viscosity Processor

The VP550 Processor provides all the functions needed to get the best out of your in-line viscometer.
It’s a powerful interface unit that links the viscometer to the operator.
Critical viscosity data and sensor management are available at the touch of a button.

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vp550 processor with display reading viscosity, temp and density

  • High visibility display
  • Simple operation
  • Choice of data display formats
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Viscometer management functions
  • Straightforward hookup
  • Wide selection of digital and analogue I/O
  • Works with all Hydramotion viscometers

VP550 In the Field

Suitable for mounting on any surface, panel or enclosure, the VP550 Processor can be operated as a local display and accessed remotely from plant supervisory systems.

Ease Of Use

The VP550 Processor connects to in-line viscometers via a simple 3-core cable and provides all the displays, inputs and outputs for plant operation and viscosity control. The unit may be wall/surface or panel mounted using discrete fixing points.

A simple 5-key panel gives fast access to all measured variables as well as settings for any special configurations and diagnostics.

Viscosity (dynamic or kinematic) is displayed at line temperature, and can also be shown corrected to a reference temperature using either the viscometer’s integral temperature sensor or an external thermometer.

VP550 diagram with connection information


An array of analogue inputs (3) and 4-20mA outputs (3), digital contacts (2) and RS485 data link provides options for connection with other equipment for viscosity monitoring and control.

All I/O is fully user configurable to suit individual site requirements. Taking advantage of fast and accurate viscosity measurement, Hydramotion in-line viscometers and their VP Processors are frequently used as the key element in any automatic viscosity control feedback loop.

The VP550 will connect directly with any PC, laptop or tablet running Hydramotion’s ViscoLink software, providing remote access to VP data and an integrated data logging facility.