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Hydramotion in-line viscometers are routinely used by the polymer industry across various stages of processing and handling: material manufacture, melt pipe, or extruder.

During material manufacture, viscosity plays a critical role by ensuring the consistency and quality of polymer products due to its correlation with molecular weight.

In the melt pipe or extruder phase, viscosity control becomes crucial for monitoring polymer melts and ensuring that the end-product meets the desired specifications for strength, flexibility, and overall performance.


Streamlining PET Flake Recycling with Inline Viscosity Monitoring

Glycolysis is utilised for the chemical depolymerisation of PET to produce polyols. This process involves the addition of glycol to tanks, which is then stirred and heated to high temperatures before the addition of PET flakes….

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XL7 Optimises Efficiency in Industrial Polyester Yarn (PET) Production

XL7 d16 viscometers are installed directly in melt-pipes to solve a number of process challenges. These include the handling of highly viscous melt, flexible and efficient production of PET, and delivering on ambitious efficiency and emissions targets…

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