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Viscosity is critical during the food production process in order to maximise production efficiency and cost effectiveness. This could be achieved by optimising flowability during production, reducing waste product, or controlling final product quality. Hydramotion viscometers provide precision real time viscosity for any food application, from thin hot liquids to cold sticky pastes.

All viscometers are clean-in-place (CIP) compatible. Hygienic viscometers are essential for sanitary and sterile settings, or any environment where contamination is a risk. As a minimum all wetted parts are manufactured from 316 (1.4401) stainless steel. Other materials, including special corrosion-resistant alloys are optional. Specialist coatings e.g. fluoropolymers, are also offered.


XL7 Maximises Yield in Spray-Drying Process

The efficiency of drying is largely determined by the degree of atomisation, which is directly proportional to the viscosity of the feed solution. Thus, the viscosity of the milk concentrate at the atomisation step has a crucial effect on the characteristics of the resulting spray-dried product…

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Viscometer Makes £100,000 Savings for Brewer

During the brewing process yeast settles at the bottom of the fermenter, from where it can be recovered for sale or re-use once fermentation is complete. Asahi found that it was shipping a considerable volume of beer along with the yeast slurry, because it was difficult to detect the boundary layer between the two…

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Improved Process Control and Product Quality in Chocolate Manufacturing

Traditionally, chocolate manufacturers have measured viscosity offline, which hampers fine control of the production process. Critically, this approach doesn’t provide real-time data on tempered chocolate, which is influenced by processing temperature and fat crystal formation…

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Viscometers are supplied with process fittings to match the connections that already exist on your equipment. This includes any size or type of sanitary fitting, including quick-release tri-clamp mountings, RJT, IDF, DIN, SMS, Varivent® and others.

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