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Always gets a reaction

Always gets a reaction


The ReactaVisc and its HydraGland™ Adaptor are a perfect aseptic solution to bio-sensitive applications, or any environment where contamination presents a risk:

  • Food industry
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Paint and coating systems

Sensor Material

Compliant with 1935/2004/EC. As a minimum all sensor-wetted parts are manufactured from 316 (1.4401) stainless steel. Alternative materials, including corrosion-resistant nickel alloys and food grade coatings e.g. fluoropolymers, are optional.


The all-welded solid sensor rod has an open construction for easy cleaning and to eliminate contaminant traps.
Welds are smooth and crevice-free.
All ReavtaVisc sensors are surface polished to Ra = 0.4 µm with other surface finishes optional.

HydraGland™ Adaptor

The versatile HydraGland™ Adaptor seals and mounts the ReactaVisc on the vessel. The parts of the adaptor exposed to the fluid are manufactured from PTFE with alternative materials optional. Seals are available in a wide variety of materials to suit application, but are typically PTFE-coated silicone elastomer.

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Hydragland adaptor on hygienic Reactavisc