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Hydramotion viscometers are used extensively across all stages of pulp and paper processing.

Starch is a fine coating for paper, card and tissue, and in corrugated card where it is also used a to glue the layers together. The amount of starch has an impact on paper strength, printability and other qualities and can be measured and controlled in real time by our XL7 viscometers since solids concentration, or the length of the starch molecules, is precisely related to viscosity.

Furthermore, our viscometers provide excellent control of paper whitening chemicals and coatings, including titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate. Here, viscometry is used to as an indicator of solids content and particle size.

All instruments are factory-ready, with any type of process fitting and a range of outputs for direct reading of viscosity and temperature for complete 24/7 ‘lights-out’ process control with virtually no maintenance.

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