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Whether it is small samples, reaction vessels, or large volume processing, the Hydramotion viscometer measures viscosity at the heart of the fluid as the reaction progresses. Effectively we are measuring activity at the molecular level, but with highly robust sensors that have the rare combination of both durability and sensitivity.

The material choice and non-contaminating construction of the viscometer ensures the aseptic design provides an inert presence in the fluid. Furthermore, because the measurement technique only relies on microscopic movements of the sensor, any generated energy is negligible and the viscometer remains intrinsically passive to the reaction.


Reactavisc Monitors Structure Formation During Crystallisation

The pharmaceutical industry places a high importance on precise reaction control, as the process is often required to adhere to strict conditions and deliver reproducible results. The leading pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, encountered difficulties in effectively managing the rheological fluid behaviour during crystallisation and turned to Hydramotion…

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Reactavisc Provides Scale-Up Framework from Lab to Pilot Plant

A North American research division faced major challenges in measuring oligosaccharides during synthesis reactions. The problems stemmed from the time-consuming nature of offline HPLC molecular weight measurements, which took 4 hours to yield results. This was hindering the scale-up process from laboratory to pilot phase…

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24/7 Viscosity from Govisc Supports Downstream Process Scale-Up

Scientists at GlaxoSmithKline collaborated with Hydramotion and Cambridge Reactor Design in pursuit of enhanced insights into their downstream processing operations. The solution was to deploy a filtration and washing robot with viscosity control across their drug research platforms worldwide. By combining real-time machine vision with robotics, this state-of-the-art platform collects all the data needed to understand the filtration and washing processes…

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