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Viscosity is a key parameter across the whole oil industry.

Hydramotion viscometers are used widely for the measurement of crude oil and all its refined fractions, either as part of the refinement processes or end products. These are true on-line viscometers designed for continuous use without intervention in extremes of temperature, pressure, flow and viscosity.

Learn how our XL7 inline viscometer is the ideal viscometer for oilfield and refining applications: Learn more >

Furthermore our HyperVisc PVT viscometer range is capable of measuring at geological temperatures and pressures. The highest performance viscometer of its type.

High accuracy and repeatability is rigorously maintained regardless of process conditions or plant noise. Instruments are available for every possible installation with any process fitting. All viscometers carry IS Safety Certifications and are provided in a range of optional materials, including, Alloy C22 or C276.

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