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One Sweep Measurement

OR 1%

660 ºF

OR 30k psi

PVT in one sweep
Small sample.
Big range.
Amazing speed.

The HyperVisc PVT is unique.
One instrument can now take the smallest oil sample to the highest temperatures and pressure in a single viscosity range with amazing precision and speed. Again and again.

The HyperVisc is the most advanced resonant viscometer to date. It takes full advantage of the high strength, no moving-parts architecture of the resonant viscometers perfected by Hydramotion over the last 25 years.
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Hypervisc measuring a low volume of liquid in a measurement cell

Fast. Practical. Compatible.

The HyperVisc has a measurement volume of less than 4cc and can be used either with a static sample or in a continuous flow arrangement. All wetted parts are manufactured from alloy C276 for superior fluid compatibility.

The light and compact sensor may be mounted at any angle and will easily fit most oven arrangements. The relatively low thermal mass favours responsive temperature cycling by helping the transducer to maintain thermal equilibrium with the test fluid.

Hypervisc viscometer with HV750 processor and tablet running viscolink software

Ahead of the curve

Continuous PVT tracing

The wide viscosity range of the HyperVisc is hugely beneficial. It allows a single fluid sample to be exercised through the full temperature-pressure curve without time-consuming range and sample changes, and the loss of measurement integrity that can bring. As a result, multiple core samples may be profiled speedily without interruption.

The high fidelity measurement allows detailed nuances of the the PVT curves to be revealed. Areas of interest can be examined, and re-examined, by repeat test cycling of the captive sample.

Continuous pvt tracing

Works best under pressure

From the outset the design brief was to create a simple-to-use sensor that could work continuously at extreme temperature and pressure without any fussy thermal management issues.

The solid alloy sensor does this with ease. Temperature ranges up to 350 deg C and pressures in excess of 20,000 psi are standard, with even higher ranges available through our Special Operations division.

A Complete System

HyperVisc is more than just a groundbreaking sensor, it is a fully integrated measurement system. PVT measurements are made every second and displayed on the HV750 Processor which links directly to a PC/tablet for data logging using Hydramotion’s ViscoLink trending software.

Analogue and digital outputs from the HV750 can be used for recording or automation functions such as oven control.

All components are industrially rugged units machined from solid alloy that will provide long duty with negligible maintenance, either on the workbench or in the field.

HyperViscs are provided fully calibrated, with all the necessary cables (colour coded for easy hook-up) and ready for immediate use.

Complete Hypervisc viscosity system