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Engineering Elegance

Up against harsh process environments Hydramotion viscometers appear resilient and sleek.
Elegance is a feature of a pure design.
CAD modelling, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and continuous investment in engineering, design and research yields a range of viscometers that have set the standards of modern viscosity measurement:
high performance, ease of use and long duty without intervention.

Hydramotion logo on instrument

Challenge Everything

The philosophy of challenging and questioning everything drives our design logic, and feeds product innovation.
We constantly push the limits of our technology to redefine what is possible in viscosity measurement. This brings great benefits to our product range. For example, a compact instrument head on the ReactaVisc so it can easily sit amongst the often crowded space above a reaction vessel or the slender sensor of a goVisc to enable it to measure small quantities in test-tubes or bottles. And there’s the light yet solid profile of a Viscolite creating the world’s most truly portable viscometer. So tough, you can even stir the fluid with it.

Rob and Steve in design office


Our vast experience in measuring the viscosity of fluids is at your service.
We have a streamlined process for bespoke viscometer solutions which we call Special Ops. Starting with the stated aims of the customer, our engineering and design teams solve both routine and sometimes the most complex problems in the viscosity measurement world.

From small sensors working with precious fluid quantities to very long devices which can reach distant fluids, every concept is carefully engineered to produce a first class instrument for the client.